The Greening the Screen sustainability toolkit is full of ideas and examples intended to encourage the screen production industry to use its creativity to seek win-win solutions that deliver both screen success and protection of New Zealandís natural, historical and cultural heritage. Recognising the constraints faced by the industry, the toolkit is designed to help the screen production industry to think smarter, work better and add value. It contains practical improvement measures that can be implemented on any production regardless of size. The toolkit encourages all users to focus on what matters most to their business. The very nature of screen production in New Zealand, where groups of professionals come together for a few months and then disperse to other projects, provides a great opportunity for Greening the Screen practices to spread throughout the industry.


The authors are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of the many individuals and organisations both in the screen production industry and the science community, who contributed towards the development of the toolkit.

The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of South Pacific Pictures in allowing the Greening the Screen project to examine all aspects of its operations in search for opportunities to improve environmental practices and performance. We extend special thanks to all the staff at South Pacific Pictures for their willingness to cope with our investigations and their great ideas for solutions despite busy production schedules.

The authors would also like to thank Emma McConachy, Green Fox Consulting and Oktobor for their generous assitance with the updating of the website in 2009.
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