The Greening the Screen sustainability toolkit is full of ideas and examples intended to encourage the screen production industry to use its creativity to seek win-win solutions that deliver both screen success and protection of New Zealand’s natural, historical and cultural heritage. Recognising the constraints faced by the industry, the toolkit is designed to help the screen production industry to think smarter, work better and add value. It contains practical improvement measures that can be implemented on any production regardless of size. The toolkit encourages all users to focus on what matters most to their business. The very nature of screen production in New Zealand, where groups of professionals come together for a few months and then disperse to other projects, provides a great opportunity for Greening the Screen practices to spread throughout the industry.

The Greening the Screen project

The Greening the Screen project was first funded in 2005 by the Ministry for the Environment, Landcare Research (FRST Building Capacity for Sustainable Development) and Waitakere City Council, and developed in association with South Pacific Pictures and the Screen Production and Development Association. The project has been widely supported by the industry.

The development of the toolkit was informed by:

• a desk study review of international best practice

• an environmental review of South Pacific Pictures

• implementation of environmental opportunities at South Pacific Pictures

• observations on location

• interviews with industry associations, experts and employees

• consultation with a cross section of the screen production representatives.

In June 2009, Film New Zealand as the national film office took over responsibility for updating the content of the website and toolkit and relaunching it to the screen production industry. Film New Zealand will be maintaining Greening the Screen as an importance resource and practical cornerstone for all working in screen production in New Zealand.

Film New Zealand

Preserving New Zealand as one of the world's best screen production destinations is fundamental to Film New Zealand's core business and drives our commitment to maintaining Greening the Screen. It represents a valuable tool in our global marketing initiatives.


Film Auckland

Film Auckland is New Zealand's only industry-elected Film Office. We support Greening the Screen and its work with the screen production sector in New Zealand.


Actors Equity

Our support for this initiative is based on one of our goals- to improve the working lives of actors. Respect and care for our environment and acting in a responsible manner is a philosophy we can build in all aspects of our members lives.

New Zealand Film and Video Technicians Guild

Our members are in the forefront of screen production activities and are all too aware of the industry’s environmental impacts. We commend the practical suggestions Greening the Screen offers to all who are involved in screen production including the many self-employed professionals who make up the core of our industry.


New Zealand Film Commission

The breathtaking landscape of this country sets the tone for our stories and our creative arts. It underpins what we do and how we tell our cinema stories and plays a main role in many of our most celebrated films. A dedicated commitment to our unique environment is vital to the wellbeing of this industry and of all New Zealanders.


Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand

Responsible and ethical environmental practices within the screen production sector are essential to the healthy future of New Zealand. These need to be more than lip service ... they should be taken to the heart of our industry work practices.


New Zealand Writers Guild

This world of ours is a gift that should be treasured. It’s vital that everyone, including those of us in the screen industry, realise the need to live and work in a sustainable way.


Women in Film & Television

Greening the Screen is a thought-provoking document which serves as a timely reminder that we are all responsible for the health of our planet, whatever our calling. The toolkit provides practical and helpful suggestions as to how companies and individuals can “green” their businesses, at the same time as improving their bottom line. It also reminds us of the screen industry’s ability to “green” its audiences with subtle social messaging and through the example of screen personalities and characters. We commend the parties who have contributed to this project.


Screen Production and Development Association of NZ (SPADA)

SPADA supports the principles and philosophy behind Greening the Screen. Providing people with the tools to help preserve our environment is priceless; and the adoption of these practices at work - and at home - is vital to the wellbeing of New Zealand and the planet.

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