The Greening the Screen sustainability toolkit is full of ideas and examples intended to encourage the screen production industry to use its creativity to seek win-win solutions that deliver both screen success and protection of New Zealand’s natural, historical and cultural heritage. Recognising the constraints faced by the industry, the toolkit is designed to help the screen production industry to think smarter, work better and add value. It contains practical improvement measures that can be implemented on any production regardless of size. The toolkit encourages all users to focus on what matters most to their business. The very nature of screen production in New Zealand, where groups of professionals come together for a few months and then disperse to other projects, provides a great opportunity for Greening the Screen practices to spread throughout the industry.

Structure of the toolkit

The toolkit is designed in stand-alone sections intended for different audiences.

• Management provides instructions for identifying and managing environmental impacts and encourages a systematic approach integrated with existing management practices.

• The Business Case explains the importance of corporate environmental responsibility for senior managers and business leaders and may help to secure commitment for sustainability initiatives from top level management.

• The Tools (office, behind the screen, location, off screen, on screen) provide simple explanations, suggestions for improving environmental practices and a menu of common-sense tips for different screen production activities – operational (in the office, behind the screen, and on location) and strategic (in front of the screen in the story line and off screen in promotional materials and activities).

Throughout the toolkit, screen production examples illustrate environmental opportunities and benefits in practice. The appendices provide a range of environmental management tools and resources tailored for the screen production industry.
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