Behind the screen

Many of the environmental impacts associated with the screen production industry relate to activities behind the screen, such as makeup, wardrobe, art department, lighting, sound and camera, and post-production. Below are suggestions for minimising the environmental impacts associated with many of the behind screen activities.


Take the time to read the labels and information pamphlets of the products you are using. They contain information about the ingredients used in the product. Knowing the ingredients is an important step towards making informed choices.
Where possible, select make-up, hair and personal care brands not tested on animals and that avoid the use of ingredients that may cause adverse health or environmental effects such as Palm Oil.
Support cosmetic companies that are signatories to the ‘Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’.
Where appropriate, use refills to avoid disposing of non-recyclable make-up containers and have recycling bins easily available on set for the make-up department.
Investigate organic alternatives for make-up, hair care and personal hygiene products.
Use protective gloves when dealing with hazardous products such as hair dyes or bleaches.
Avoid the use of aerosols containing ozone-depleting substances
Use the minimum number and amount of product required for the purpose. This reduces waste, saves money and minimises exposure of chemicals to both the cast and make-up and hair artists.





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