Case Studies

Park Road Post Production

Park Road is recognised as New Zealand's premier film post production company, housing a variety of facilities including, laboratory, sound, telecine and digital intermediate. Park Road is located in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand. Park Road has posted some of New Zealand’s best known films including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Bridge to Terebithia, The Worlds Fastest Indian, No. 2 and more recently The Lovely Bones.

Environmental Profile

Park Road’s facilities span 110,000 square feet and include a theatre, gymnasium, café, fully furnished apartments private lounges, fully equipped kitchens and production offices. Due to its business activities Park Road’s major environmental impacts were electricity, gas and water consumption. Before joining the Greening the Screen programme Park Road Post were recycling paper, cardboard, plastics and toners and were in the process of replacing traditional light bulbs with energy efficient ones, however, the company did not want to stop there and felt there was much more that could be achieved with the right know how!
The Greening the Screen team began by completing an environmental review of the entire company and its facilities. From this review the Greening the Screen team was able to provide an accurate picture of the company’s environmental impacts and provide sound advice on the opportunities for addressing those impacts. Following the review Park Road implemented some key initiatives including:
•Identifying staff across a variety of departments who are responsible for monitoring and reporting on environmental performance.
•Developing an energy statement and an environmental policy.
•Communicating the environmental goals of the company to all staff.
•Setting up a Greening the Screen committee which represents staff from each department to discuss and actively manage environmental issues as they arise.
•Actively monitoring electricity and gas consumption including on and off peak periods to identify trends early.
•Commissioning an energy audit to further analyse energy consumption beyond the initial reduction measures that all staff can take. Just by changing habits alone Park Road saw a 4% reduction in electricity consumption.
•Including environmental criteria into procurement policies.
•Improving daily practices in the laboratory to reduce the consumption of water.
•Separating food waste for collection by a local composting company.
•Including environmental information on the company intranet to educate staff on what they can do at home to make a difference.
•Making the commitment to eco-cleaning products wherever possible

Park Road is also looking to become carbon neutral in the future.

The Greening the Screen team applauds Park Road for their vision and long term commitment to addressing their environmental impacts.
How do Park Road staff make a difference?
Some of the more practical initiatives that Park Road staff are implementing include:
•Removing and avoiding the use of all screen savers.
•Turning off monitors when away from desks for extended periods.
•Printing double sided.
•Turning off lights at the end of the working day.
•Emailing staff monthly with reminders to shut down computers at night and at weekends.
•Including environmental information on the company intranet.
•Improving recycling habits.
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