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South Pacific Pictures Ltd

South Pacific Pictures has an international reputation for producing world-class television and film. In its 19 years it has produced more than 3000 hours of programming. Drama series and serials, feature films, and more recently, entertainment, reality programming and documentaries are all part of the programming mix. The current slate includes work for New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and UK broadcasters. South Pacific Pictures is the production company behind one of New Zealand’s favourite’s – Shortland Street.

Environmental Profile

South Pacific Pictures is located in West Auckland's Waitakere region, just off Auckland's North Western Motorway – a short 10 minute drive from Auckland's central business district. The South Pacific Pictures complex houses Auckland's only purpose-built sound stages, together with amenities to service and support productions. South Pacific Pictures’ major environmental impacts were electricity, fuel, paper consumption and waste to landfill, all associated with the operations of the West Auckland facilities.

South Pacific Pictures have been involved in the Greening the Screen project since 2005 and were the pilot company for the development of the Greening the Screen environmental toolkit. In 2009 the company is still committed to environmental management and working hard to achieve continual improvement. To date the company has successfully implemented the following initiatives:
•Development and annual review of the environmental policy
•Regular newsletters for staff to provide environmental education including what they can do to make a difference at work and to update them on the success of the company’s environmental initiatives
•Actively monitoring electricity and fuel consumption and air travel to regularly update and asses the company’s carbon footprint
•Reducing electricity and fuel consumption wherever possible
•Offsetting of unavoidable carbon emissions for South Pacific Pictures and Shortland Street through Landcare Research’s carboNZeroCertTm programme
•Onsite worm farm for the composting of food waste – staff are given the worm fertiliser for use in their home gardens
•Discouraging the use of disposable paper cups by providing all staff with their own named, reusable mug
•Providing staff with recycling facilities for paper, glass and plastic and recycling toners, polystyrene and fluorescent tubes

“We all recognize the importance of preserving and protecting our environment. South Pacific Pictures exposure to Greening the Screen has brought home to us how we can actually make a difference. With very little effort we can make significant improvements in the way we use resources, while we reduce our waste. And to our surprise we have realised that whilst we make these improvements and reductions we are going to save money. We’re very excited to have lead the Greening the Screen project and we’re absolutely committed to achieving results that will help us and the environment”. John Barnett, South Pacific Pictures

Some of the more practical initiatives that South Pacific Pictures staff are implementing include:
•Printing scripts and call sheets double sided
•Ditching the infamous disposable paper cup, for a named reusable cup, with discounted coffee at the staff café
•Reducing electricity consumption by turning off lights, computers and office equipment when not in use
•Sorting waste for recycling and composting on the onsite worm farm
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