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WA$TED! is a primetime half hour factual entertainment series that proves you don't have to be extreme to be green. The WA$TED! team take your average house of eco horrors and turn it into a clean green haven saving families serious cash in the process.

WA$TED! won the 2007 FRAPA/C21 Best Observational Format Award at MIPCOM, the Supreme EECA EnergyWise Award, NZ government's Green Ribbon Award, the NZ Sustainable Business Network Innovation Award. It is now screening in over 15 countries worldwide, including new versions of the format being made in USA, Canada, Spain, Denmark Portugal and Malaysia.

Environmental Profile

The environment was not just a concern on screen but offscreen also. Wa$ted! was produced according to the televison and film industry's own environmental toolkit -Greening the Screen, with the goal to make the Wa$ted production as low impact on the planet as possible.

The Wa$ted! production team considered the environment at every possible step. Some of the great stuff the team implemented included:
- Using a hybrid vehicle for the production car
- Using travel mugs to avoid the take away coffee cups
- Office and location recycling and composting
- Recycling DVD's and CD's
- Crew car pooling to locations
- Purchasing environmentally friendly products
- Reducing and offsetting carbon dioxide emissions

And last but not least composting and recycling ALL the waste collected from the households featured in the show.

The producers of Wa$ted! partnered with Landcare Research through the Greening the Screen project to provide well researched and sound environmental information in the series.

Wa$ted!'s research team worked with the environmental and scientific community to asses commonly quoted eco information to detirmine if it was accuarte and could be included in the series.
Wa$ted! is carboNZero Certified!

One of the biggest impacts we have on the planet is the activities that we undertake that produce carbon dioxide - one of the main contributers to climate change. The Wa$ted! production team wanted to reduce the amount of carbon dioixde emitted as a direct result of the production of Wa$ted! and to help achieve this Wa$ted! participated in Landcare Research's carboNZero programme.

The carboNZero programme encourages and supports individuals and organisations to minimise their impacts on climate change by providing them with tools to measure, manage and mitigate their carbon dioxide emissions.

Through the carboNZero programme the Wa$ted! production committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions at source wherever possible and then offsetting unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon credits created through the regeneration of native forest.

Wa$ted was certified carboNZero through a third party audit and proudly carry's the carboNZero logo.

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