The ephemeral nature of New Zealandís screen production industry presents particular challenges for the introduction of environmentally responsible practices. One of these challenges is reducing the environmental impacts associated with working on location including special effects that may involve the use of fire, explosives, water and artificial snow. With no fixed office or studio base, it can be difficult for productions to develop and maintain environmental management systems. The suggestions below have been developed to assist screen production companies and professionals in managing their environmental impacts on location.


Identify potential environmental issues when assessing film locations for health and safety risks, and include environmental protection control measures with explanatory notes in the daily call sheets.
Include spill kits and stormwater drain covers as part of the standard equipment for working on location. Ensure that crew are trained in using them e.g. to contain and clean up any fuel spills.
Investigate the waste disposal options available at each location, preferring reuse and recycling opportunities before disposal. Ensure the unit manager is well equipped with appropriate recycling facilities, for separation of waste and for moving between locations and sets.
Educate the unit manager about the environmental standards for your production.
Where possible minimise the use of disposable items.Where disposable items are required investigate the usage of biodegradable alternatives such as disposable plates made from cornstarch.
Provide the unit manager with environmentally responsible cleaning products.
If a wormery or composting is available, provide the unit assistant with food waste bins for use on set.
If a worm farm or composting is available, provide the unit manager with food waste bins for use on set.
Stock the unit with Fair Trade coffee and tea.

The unit manager is responsible for resourcing, logistics and trouble shooting for productions on location including some catering, transport, waste management, facilities for cast and crew, and cleaning up the set when filming is complete. Educating and supporting the unit manager is key to minimising the environmental impacts of your production.




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