Continuing Action

This section explains the main steps involved in setting up systems to manage your environmental impacts and some of the forms of recognition (standards, labels, reporting) available should your company wish to gain environmental credentials. Finally, initiatives such as corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and ethical investment are explained as these can overlap with environmental responsibility initiatives and they are being adopted by the screen production industry overseas and in New Zealand.


Getting Started explains that managing environmental impacts starts with an environmental review and an assessment to identify the environmental impacts that matter most to your company. This section deals with the actions that a screen production company might take to improve environmental performance and realise the opportunities identified in an environmental review.

As with the environmental review, it is possible to establish in-house systems to manage your environmental impacts although some staff training may be required. There are also many consultancies experienced in assisting companies through this process as well as many internet based resources too.

A range of templates are provided in the toolkit for planning and implementing your environmental initiatives; these include generic principles for environmentally responsible screen production and templates for writing your own environmental policy and your own sustainable procurement policy.
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