Continuing Action

This section explains the main steps involved in setting up systems to manage your environmental impacts and some of the forms of recognition (standards, labels, reporting) available should your company wish to gain environmental credentials. Finally, initiatives such as corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and ethical investment are explained as these can overlap with environmental responsibility initiatives and they are being adopted by the screen production industry overseas and in New Zealand.

Environmental policy

An environmental policy is integral to any business wanting to work towards environmental sustainability. It is essentially a statement of a company’s intentions and principles in relation to its overall environmental performance and provides a framework for action and for setting environmental objectives and targets.

An environmental policy should:
  • Have a mission statement
  • Set out the targets and objectives for the issues identified
  • Be signed by top management. It is essential that any environmental policy receive full commitment from top-level management. Without this the policy cannot be fully implemented or be effective.
  • Readily available to the staff and the public upon request.

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