The Business Case

There is growing recognition by the business community that long-term sustainable development requires them to address what is known as the three pillars: economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection. Initially businesses addressed environmental issues for reasons of cost savings, risk management and liability avoidance. Today it is much more for reasons of competitive advantage, reputation and increasing pressure from the public.


The screen production industry plays a vital role in New Zealand and is identified in the Growth and Innovation Framework as a key sector to foster growth across the national economy. The industry also has significant potential to attract foreign investment and enhance the success of other sectors such as tourism. That such an iconic industry should be challenged to join other business leaders in protecting and enhancing the environment and contributing to New Zealand as a sustainable country will come as no surprise.

There are indeed great examples of environmental responsibility to be found in screen production in New Zealand but the industry itself is the first to admit that a lot more can be done.

This is a high impact industry where there is a perception that film makers donít care about the environment. In fact, they do care - they are talented professionals with a passion for their craft and a natural affinity for matters environmental.
Tim Coddington (Independent Producer)

The screen production industry in New Zealand is characteristically a competitive high pressure work environment where a large number of small companies and individuals come together for the duration of a production. Each new production involves a new set of companies and individuals and management of these projects has more in common with event management than with business management. Apart from a small number of studio-based screen production companies, most productions hire studios and film on location. Larger screen production companies are operating in international markets where many competitors have already adopted environmental and social standards.
Greening the Screen Logo