Many of the environmental improvements required are not “rocket science”, but in the screen production environment, they will challenge both screen production professionals and environmental managers. The ephemeral nature of the industry in New Zealand presents particular challenges for the introduction of environmental management practices to the industry. Success requires commitment from the industry and flexibility from environmental advocates to achieve environmental objectives within the constraints of filming schedules. The professionals (writers, producers, directors, actors and technicians) involved in screen production are receptive to environmental and social messages. Greening the Screen is a concept that fits well with the ethos of an industry that strives for innovation and excellence.

Getting Started

Before taking action, screen production companies need to become aware of their environmental impacts. e.g. the ways in which the company may cause damage or harm to the environment. Many of the impacts will already be known or be obvious to you and quick gains can be made by starting with the common-sense tips for your screen production activity in the Tools (Office, Behind the Screen, Location, On Screen, Off Screen).

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