Off screen

For some productions, it may not be appropriate to include environmental considerations on screen. However, off screen it is possible to promote environmentally responsible practices in stories about the making of the production in magazine articles, on the production’s website, or in the director’s cut.

There are many other ways in which screen production companies, their writers, producers, directors, actors and technicians can communicate and promote environmental responsibility. They may support appropriate community initiatives and form partnerships with the suppliers of environmentally preferable products and services, using their high public profile to encourage others to take up these opportunities.


Apply for awards that recognise the company or production’s environmental achievements.
Nominate productions and individuals for appropriate environmental awards.
Encourage the screen production industry to develop environmental awards.

Environmental awards recognise outstanding environmental achievements. Environmental awards for screen production demonstrate leadership by the industry and send important signals to your peers and to the general public.

Awards for Good Environmental Practices BOTH OFF AND ON SCREEN

The Environmental Media Association recognises productions who have implemented environmental practices through their Green Seal programme. Winners are recognised at the Annual EMA Awards. As well as recognises good practice behind the screen, the EMA recognise environmental content on screen. Whale Rider, an extremely successful South Pacific Pictures film, won the Environmental Media Association feature film award in 2003 for “conveying environmental messages in the most entertaining and creative way”•

In 2007 Wa$ted!, New Zealand’s first factual series based on the environmental impact of households, won a Ministry for the Environment Green Ribbon Award for ‘an outstanding contribution to encouraging New Zealand households to adopt sustainable environmental practices. The series was produced according to the Greening the Screen toolkit, and was carboNZero™ certified.


Awards that companies could apply for include:
• Women in Film and Television New Zealand (WIFT NZ) – Greening the Screen Award – recognises, individuals and/or production companies who achieve excellence in environmental responsibility. First awarded in 2007 to Park Road and in 2008 to South Pacific Pictures.

• Ministry for the Environment - Green Ribbon Award -the sustainable business category is awarded for outstanding efforts in reducing business impacts on the environment, such as reducing emissions, waste and energy use, implementing environmental management systems, environmental reporting, and encouraging other businesses to adopt good practices.

• Sustainable Business Network – Sustainable Business Awards -celebrate outstanding performance in contributing to sustainable development in New Zealand and highlight exceptional achievement as an example for others to follow.

• Qantas -Media Awards -sub-category Environment and Conservation -Shell New Zealand Award -for the best environment and conservation report.

• Environmental Media Association - Environmental Media Award -honours film and television productions that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire personal action on these issues. The awards recognise writers, producers, directors, actors, technicians and others in the entertainment industry who actively express their concern for the environment through their work.

• Environmental Media Association (EMA) - Green Seal Award -honours productions where the studio or production company have implemented the EMA checklist of “green ” choices.

• World Wide Fund for Nature United Kingdom - British Environment and Media Awards - recognises television-news and documentaries, print-newspapers and magazines, radio, websites and campaigns for the vital role they play in communicating the importance of protecting the environment and alerting people to the dangers inherent in not doing so.
Many regional, city and territorial councils also have an annual sustainable or “green ” business award. Look on your local council website for more information.
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