Off screen

For some productions, it may not be appropriate to include environmental considerations on screen. However, off screen it is possible to promote environmentally responsible practices in stories about the making of the production in magazine articles, on the productionís website, or in the directorís cut.

There are many other ways in which screen production companies, their writers, producers, directors, actors and technicians can communicate and promote environmental responsibility. They may support appropriate community initiatives and form partnerships with the suppliers of environmentally preferable products and services, using their high public profile to encourage others to take up these opportunities.


Encourage organisations that you support through sponsorship to adopt environmentally responsible practices.
Develop and sponsor initiatives that align with your environmental policy and environmental issues important to your company.
Support members of the cast who wish to publicise their commitment to the environment.

The organisations that you sponsor are rather like suppliers, with similar risks. Alignment of your sponsorship with environmental issues important to your company maximises the benefits and adds value to both your company and the recipient organisation.




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