Off screen

For some productions, it may not be appropriate to include environmental considerations on screen. However, off screen it is possible to promote environmentally responsible practices in stories about the making of the production in magazine articles, on the production’s website, or in the director’s cut.

There are many other ways in which screen production companies, their writers, producers, directors, actors and technicians can communicate and promote environmental responsibility. They may support appropriate community initiatives and form partnerships with the suppliers of environmentally preferable products and services, using their high public profile to encourage others to take up these opportunities.


Provide feedback on environmental achievements to staff through a newsletter and the web.
Share your good practice with your peers by publishing articles about your environmental initiatives in screen production industry magazines.
Include feedback on environmental achievements in reports to shareholders, clients and customers and where appropriate share your experiences at industry conferences.
Participate in environmental film festivals where your environmental films can raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire people to make a difference.
Deliver messages that bridge the gap between business people, scientists, educators, public officials, activists, and media makers.

Increase the credibility of environmental issues and campaigns by delivering informed, intelligent, thoughtful, and well told stories.

Sharing best practice and promoting your environmental achievements is an effective way of encouraging others in the screen production industry to improve their environmental performance. Home-grown efforts are more likely to be self-sustaining and to persuade peers.


Environment “gen e” is a programme designed by the Environmental Media Association (EMA) to encourage Young Hollywood celebrities to raise awareness of environmental issues. EMA believes that environmental impacts will impact this age group significantly in the coming years. In turn, these celebrities can greatly influence the youth who support their talent. The “gen e” Young Hollywood campaign attracts an extremely high media profile promoting environmental awareness and education to millions of young people. The passion that Young Hollywood celebrities can bring to EMA initiatives is priceless.
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