On screen

On screen is the most visible side to New Zealand’s screen production industry. The information presented on screen has the potential to influence millions of people. There are a number of opportunities for this influence to have a positive effect on the environment; from a character placing a drink can in a recycling bin to a storyline with an environmental message. The suggestions below were developed to assist writers and producers in assessing when and how environmental messages can be incorporated in productions. Several countries, including New Zealand, organise environmental film festivals to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote environmental responsibility.


Include the logos for any environmental standards that the production has been working to e.g. Greening the Screen.
Include the logos for environmental programmes that the production has been certified to e.g. Environmental Choice or carboNZero™ If the production contains environmental content consider using the credits to direct the audience to other sources of information such as websites, in.

Where the company or the production has worked to a particular environmental standard or been certified with to environmental programme, displaying these in the credits sends important signals to the audience and other screen production companies. It is an effective way to promote your commitment to environmental responsibility especially where it is not appropriate to include environmental messages in the programme itself.




Greening the Screen Logo