On screen

On screen is the most visible side to New Zealandís screen production industry. The information presented on screen has the potential to influence millions of people. There are a number of opportunities for this influence to have a positive effect on the environment; from a character placing a drink can in a recycling bin to a storyline with an environmental message. The suggestions below were developed to assist writers and producers in assessing when and how environmental messages can be incorporated in productions. Several countries, including New Zealand, organise environmental film festivals to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote environmental responsibility.


Ensure that public relations staff are briefed on the commitment made by the company, the initiatives implemented, the success of those initiatives and any environmental standards or certifications achieved.
Include environmental practices when telling the stories of how productions are made in magazine articles, production websites and the directorís cut.
Include the logos for environmental standards or labels awarded in the credits and on publicity material.
Encourage your publicist to include stories about your environmental initiatives and achievements in publicity packs.
Ensure that publicity surrounding the production reflects the environmental commitment of the production e.g. publicity material is printed on recycled paper.

For many productions, it is not appropriate to include environmental messages on set or through the storyline even though a production has met environmental standards. Including these achievements in publicity material can influence suppliers, other productions and audiences to adopt similar environmentally responsible practices.




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